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chalk art drawings, birch trees, autumn
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chalk pastel art, landscape pastel
chalk pastel art, chalk art drawings, trees
ceramics for sale, pottery pieces
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pencil drawings of landscapes-stormy weather sky
art work drawings, trees drawing, black pencil
tree sketch-pencil drawing by Ljung
charcoal drawings-mountain trees by Ljung

more artworks

soft pastel drawings-flowers bouquet-by the artist Ljung
Original pastel artwork-Pastel-a wild delphinium
ceramics art-hand painted vase with flowers
art picture-pastel-countryside flowers-gallery Ljung
pastel drawings of flowers- original pastel artwork -purple hellebore
drawings of nature with pencil- by Ljung
drawing of a rose-sketch art-sanguine pencil
handmade ceramic vases-black vase
ceramics art gallery-bottle vase
modern bottle vase-stoneware pottery
blue vase-handmade ceramics for sale-flowers
pottery wheel art ceramics-art by Ljung
art pottery gallery-stoneware vase
black and white pencil drawings-flowers pastels drawing
soft pastel art-forest drawing
pastels drawing-black and white pencil drawings-snowball flower
pastels art-drawing of a landscape

You will find my recent works on this website; drawings, pastels and ceramics. The ceramics are unique stoneware pieces. Some are thrown on a potter's wheel; others are made by hand. The glazes are the result of my own research. Drawings and pastels are made "sur le motif"; they are essentially landscapes and flowers.