picture of pottery, hand pottery

plump vase with various brown, blue and black glazes

pottery pieces, hand pottery

Stoneware clay, wheel-thrown, iron glazes

20 x 17 cm 7,9 x 6,7 inch

pottery piece, handmade pottery

small brown vase with fritillaria flower

pottery crafts, pottery pieces

Stoneware clay, wheel-thrown, iron and dolomite glazes

12 x 10,5 cm 4,7 x 4,1 inch

handmade pottery

little vase with grey, blue and black glazes

grey ceramic, handmade

Stoneware clay, hand-built, iron glazes

15 x 11 cm 5,9 x4,3 inch

celadon glaze, blue vase

celadon vase with ridges

celadon, ceramic, pottery

Stoneware clay, hand-built, celadon glaze

16,5 x 12 cm 6,5 x 4,7 inch